Sunday, September 11, 2016

Money Issues and Anger

What do you feel when you:

1. Don't have enough Money
2. Lose Money in Investment
3. Don't have enough saving
4. Can't get a raise
5. Can't close a deal
6. Customers delay payment

that despite you trying your very best, putting in a lot of effort, yet money is still a problem.

Do you feel ANGRY or Frustrated? Does it spill into other areas of your life? Which eventually affects negatively your relationships with other people.

Or Do you simply feel angry with life sometimes because you tried so hard and still things don't go the way you want?

I used to feel like this too, for the longest time. From a scale of 1 (cool) to 10 (hot), my anger level was probably 9/10. I would get upset and angry over the slightest thing. Nobody likes to be around an angry person. So slowly people move away...slowly but surely.

Glad to say that today, after so many years, I've learnt to understand, manage AND control, or even transform my ANGER which is a form of ENERGY into better use. My scale has dropped to probably a cool 3/10. As long as we are still human, we will still feel angry. The key is in managing it well.

If you have problem with ANGER, know that it can be damaging you and your loved ones. It will also negatively affect you, your health, your well-being and your career. Feel free to drop me a note if you need help.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Real Life Story - Danger of Gambling Addiction

The danger of Gambling Addictions. 

Wang Lei's Real life Story:

The danger can come in many forms, whatever name it is called: trading, professional trading, "system" trading, "systematic" trading, as long as it is short-term speculation, it is GAMBLING.
It is better for us to be honest with ourselves, only then we can solve the problem of gambling addiction before it gets worse and hurt your family.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

"Make More Money So You Can Help More People". REALLY??

Have you seen how sales & marketing people like to use:
"MAKE MORE MONEY SO YOU CAN HELP MORE PEOPLE" idea when they market to you their products?

I would like to debunk this myth today because:
1. It is NOT TRUE that we need more money to help more people
2. It is DANGEROUS to subscribe to this idea. It subconsciously makes us believe that we need MORE Money in order to be a good, kind and helpful person.

* It is NOT TRUE that we need more money to help more people:
What we need is MORE COMPASSION, TIME AND ACTION to help more people. For example when there was an accident at traffic junction, a young school boy did not need money to help the victims in the car to get out of the car or call an ambulance while others were busy taking photo/video. He just needs a compassionate heart and a phone, which most of us have, some have more than 1 phone.

We do NOT need MORE money to help MORE people. Nowadays, in this era of technological advances, when we see people in need and we do not have the money to help, we can always write a story, post a picture of their plight in the social media and share it with others who can help. All it takes is a compassionate heart and willingness.

** Having MORE Money will NOT change a person's character and values. A stingy person will NOT become generous when he has MORE money, nor a generous person will become stingy when he has LESS money.
We all know some stingy rich people, don't we? In fact, I am sure we all know how some rich people are even more stingy the richer they get. And how poor people are always willing to share with others the little they have. I know and have seen plenty of people like that.
Think about the time when we were a student. Were we more generous, more willing to volunteer, to give to the less fortunate than now as working adults? We know the truth for ourselves.

*** The TRUTH is we Don't need MORE Money. We just need ENOUGH Money. Yes, we just need ENOUGH money. The constant chasing after monetary gains and the pursuit after more and more of monetary rewards is TIRING. It is EXHAUSTING and will leave us high and dry. It will draw us further and further away from true happiness which is found in peace and contentment, kindness and compassion.

Think about this for a while, when we are so busy chasing after money, when all we can think of is how to close another sales, another deadlines, another promotion, do we have the time to slow down and even think of helping others?

I hope the two points above are sufficient enough to make you think deeper and reject the fallacy that we need more money to help more people and to realize that what we truly need is more COMPASSION if we want to help more people.

The key to real security in life is not to feed our FEAR nor our GREED. It is to plan, to budget, to live in such a way that we just have ENOUGH money, so that we can have enough time and energy for things that are more important for the cultivation of our true happiness. The best way is really to live SIMPLY yet happily by being contented (vs being drawn into excessive consumerism). Not to always compare ourselves with others. To just do the best we can instead of being obsessed about money.

Lastly,we must trust in the process of life, no matter what happens, we will be alright. That our parents will be alright, that our children will be alright. That everyone will be alright. Think back into your own life, isn't that true? That no matter how bad a situation is, we are still ok, life still goes on. And life will continue to go on, regardless whether we are happy or not, regardless whether we are peaceful or worried with life, life will still go on. So choose wisely. Choose what we feed into our mind wisely. Say NO to fear, to greed, to endless, mindless pursuit of money. Know that Enough is Enough.

Wishing you peace and happiness always...