Sunday, August 02, 2015

Stock Market Predictions

Prediction means seeing the future right? Can you predict the future? Who can predict the future? After being in stock market for 16 years, of which 3 years being full-time, I CAN. I definitely CAN. So, let me tell you about the future of stock market:

It will............ either go up, or down or sideways.

I mean, seriously, it can only go up or down or sideways right? Can you say FOR SURE it will go up next year or FOR SURE it will tank next year, next month? Think about it.

So, do you need to pay $75 to hear someone predict about the stock market? And pay every year, jumping from one guru to another predicting the future? Is there any value? For $75? I would not pay to hear people's prediction for more than $10.

But do I have the secret of making money in stock-market? YES, because I have personally done so. Be it stock, be it property. I have personally profited  on both. I bought my first private property right after 9/11 incident. So, what is the secret? I shall reveal it to you here. Here it is:
Stock market moves in a cycle, just like the law of life, nothing is permanent, it is the concept of yin and yang, what goes up will come down and vice versa as nothing is permanent. Buy (good stock) when is down (when there is panic, when everybody is selling), sell when is up (when there is greed, when everybody is buying). Or buy good stock when it is cheap (undervalue). If you are a value investor, you buy when value emerges, and it is independent of whether market is up or down, you have no worries whether market is up or down because you buy at good value. If market is down, you just need to hold on. If market is up, jolly good and well.

So, There you go, the secret of winning in stock market revealed. No need to keep paying $75 every other half-yearly to hear all the gurus predict this and that. Or worse pay $1k+, $2k+ to attend trading courses. Save your money for charity better. Or you can donate some to me at half-price, I can teach you a trick or two on how not to lose your pants LOL!! :)

Having said that, it doesn't mean all courses are of little value, but most courses are, they overcharge and then continue to upsell.
If I see anything of good value, I shall share with you. But usually it is not so simple, usually they will entice you with lower fee for the 1st course then upsell and hook you with more expensive stuff later. The silliest thing to do is to pay $1k+, worse $2k+ for those courses teaching you "technical analysis" on how you can make money trading the market. They are just teaching you how to gamble promising you a lil bit of hope (using their techniques) that will win gambling. They are nothing but FALSE HOPE. Seriously you can make money by drawing a few lines? Who does it benefit? Nobody except the broker. That is why the most ardent promoters are usually the brokers or the brokerage firm or those who don't make money trading. Seriously, if they can make $ trading, they will just trade instead of wasting so much energy and time teaching.



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SMRT - Is it a good investment at current level?

Just want to update on SMRT, which I find a little fascinating. I first wrote about SMRT on August 2010, subsequently again on December 2011. My latest update can be found here.

Note: Just for educational purposes. Not a buy or sell call.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hong Kong Stock Market - Hang Seng Index

Hello, been a while. Hope you are all doing well and your investment is growing! :)

Hong Kong Stock Market is undoubtedly more interesting and more vibrant than Singapore Stock Market, especially so due to their proximity and connection with Mainland China. Singapore investors too have accessibility to Hang Seng Stock Exchange through our local brokerages and I know many investors are also investing in Hong Kong stocks. Stock Investing in Hong Kong market is not just more interesting, but can also be more rewarding than local Singapore market. See the results below:
Today, we will show the results of Value Investing Strategy builder on HK stocks:

1. Setting Value investing criteria:

2. Results of the above screening on 26.07.2015 on HKEx:

3. Back - Test Results:

As seen from the back-testing results above, the Value Investing stocks (GREEN LINE)  OUTPERFORMED the Index performance (RED LINEvery very nicely!! Impressive, isn't it! :)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

SGX as regulator

This kind of activities that keep happening in Singapore Stock Market certainly erodes investors confidence :

Wonder what is SGX doing all these while. Besides maximizing revenue... Have they failed in their role as regulator? And how can SGX do a good job as a regulator when they themselves are a listed company in Singapore Stock Exchange? Isn't there a conflict of interest in their dual roles as a regulator as well as operator of the stock exchange? Isn't it contradicting? And why is MAS role so hands off? Seriously, something is wrong with the current structure don't you think?

*Not vested.