Sunday, November 27, 2016

Which "guru" predicted 2016 correctly?

So, 2016 is coming to an end. Which "guru"'s prediction came true?

Still waiting for Kiyosaki's "BIG BUST" in 2016, 1 more month to go...haha ;-)

Monday, November 07, 2016

SUPER Congrats!

CONGRATS to SUPER Group holders! Know the business, know the products, seldom wrong! Don't just trade blindly without fundamentals :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Money Issues and Anger

What do you feel when you:

1. Don't have enough Money
2. Lose Money in Investment
3. Don't have enough saving
4. Can't get a raise
5. Can't close a deal
6. Customers delay payment

that despite you trying your very best, putting in a lot of effort, yet money is still a problem.

Do you feel ANGRY or Frustrated? Does it spill into other areas of your life? Which eventually affects negatively your relationships with other people.

Or Do you simply feel angry with life sometimes because you tried so hard and still things don't go the way you want?

I used to feel like this too, for the longest time. From a scale of 1 (cool) to 10 (hot), my anger level was probably 9/10. I would get upset and angry over the slightest thing. Nobody likes to be around an angry person. So slowly people move away...slowly but surely.

Glad to say that today, after so many years, I've learnt to understand, manage AND control, or even transform my ANGER which is a form of ENERGY into better use. My scale has dropped to probably a cool 3/10. As long as we are still human, we will still feel angry. The key is in managing it well.

If you have problem with ANGER, know that it can be damaging you and your loved ones. It will also negatively affect you, your health, your well-being and your career. Feel free to drop me a note if you need help.